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Heritage study
by Prof. S. Swaminathan

"S. Swaminathan is something of a legend at IIT Delhi: over nearly three decades, hundreds of students and colleagues have partaken of the fruits of his avid, wide-ranging curiosity. Some, no doubt, will have benefited also from his professional, technical expertise - gears, to be precise. But for lesser mortals, it is his other, 'lay' interests that hold greater fascination. Because Swaminathan is, essentially, an enthusiast, and he has the true teacher's gift of being able to communicate enthusiasm. Whether it be the glories of Sanskrit - barely discernible behind the fog of religious obscurantism - or the technical intricacies of the musical system as it evolved from the Sama-veda to now - or, as in the present instance, the many-splendoured delights of Ajanta, Swaminathan is an excellent companion. Of course there are greater experts, whom one reads with respect. But if one is looking for a knowledgeable companion, someone who will hold one's hand and lead one gently into the wonders - the details, the quirks and oddities, the humour and the humanity - that still survive in those dark caves then, quite simply - he's the man!"
- Alok Rai, Professor in English, Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi, 1998

Ajanta murals

Sittannavasal (html)
Click here to download in pdf format

Lalitankura Pallava Griham (html slide show)
A Pallava treasure on Tiruchirappalli Rockfort
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Jaina vestiges in Pudukkottai (html slide show)

Early Tamil Epigraphy from the Earliest Times to the 6th Century AD by Iravatham Mahadevan (html slide show)
- An Overview by S. Swaminathan
Click here to download powerpoint presentation (ppt), 5.45MB

Oral Tradition of Sanskrit - Scientific Tradition  (ppt)

Indian art From Indus valley to India today (pdf)
G.Chandrasekaran, S.Swaminathan

- Art in Indus Valley (pdf)

Phases of Indian Art (pdf)

Art of Mauryan period 3rd century BCE (pdf)

Post-Mauryan art (Bharhut, Bhaja, Sanchi _ Khandagiri) (pdf)

Gandhara, Mathura _ Amaravati schools (pdf)

Golden age of Guptas (pdf)

Indian painting tradition (pdf)

Art in the south during medieval period (pdf)

Art elsewhere during medieval period (pdf)

- Post-Pallava art in the South and in Tamilnadu (pdf)

Bronze images (pdf)

- Indo-Islamic art - Synthesis of cultures (pdf)

- Indian influence in Indian Asia (pdf)

- Indian painting tradition _ S. Rajam (pdf)

External links to power point presentations of the above and other topics by Prof.Swaminathan

Ajanta - An overview

Ajanta - Mahajanaka Jataka

Ajanta - Its Textile Heritage

Sittannavasal monuments

Sittannavasal - a proposal for preserving its paintings

Jaina Vestiges in Pudukkottai

Pudukkottai - Its contribution to Tamil Culture

Lalitankura-Pallava-Griham - Pallava Cave Temple on Rockfort, Tiruchirappalli

Mahabalipuram Monuments - Part 1 (Introduction)

Mahabalipuram Monuments - Part 2 (Cave temples)

Mahabalipuram Monuments - Part 3 (Rathas)

Mahabalipuram Monuments - Part 4 (Structural temples)

Mahabalipuram Manuments - Part 5 (Open-air bas-reliefs)

Story of scripts Part 1 Introduction (55 slides)

Story of scripts Part 2 Sumerian Cuneiform (44 slides)

Story of scripts Part 3 Egyptian Hieroglyphs (67 slides)

Story of Scripts - Part 5 Meso-American Scripts (98 slides)