Rabi the rabbit lived with his parents in the "Rabbito city". It was a beautiful city, full of rabbits that lived happily. But Rabi's mother was not happy for she was worried about Rabi.
Unlike the other rabbits that were healthy and happy, Rabi was always weak & morose. Rabi had no friends and was not doing well at school too. 
He was not eating properly, though his parents gave him the best of food. Rabi's mother was an expert in preparing carrot cakes. But Rabi felt that eating carrots was a curse. 
One day Rabi's teacher informed his mother that Rabi was not taking notes properly from the board. Rabi's mother asked him why he was not writing properly. Rabi said that he was not able to see the board properly. Rabi's mother took him to the "Pets & Vets" centre, the doctor examined him and said that Rabi's eyesight was poor. He spoke to Rabi and advised him. The doctor said good food was essential for healthy and happy living. Only if Rabi was healthy could he play well, study his lessons properly. The doctor also said that Rabi should take carrot, the rabbit's staple food regularly. Carrot was very useful in improving the eyesight and he gave a tonic. Rabi took the doctor's advice and started eating well. Slowly, he picked up good health and started getting higher grades in school. Now Rabi is the star of Rabbito city. Carrots, cricket and chemistry are his favourite!
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