There was pond, where  a whole colony of frogs lived happily together.  The had enough food to eat and were all fat and plump.
An old snake lived nearby.  He was very weak and tired due to lack of food,  He decided to trick the fat, plump frogs, so that he will have a regular supply of tasty food.  He saw the frog prince and his friends playing on the ground.  He lay down as if dead, in their path.  The young frog prince decided to investigate.

He went near the snake and touched it gently.  There was no movement from the snake.  Then he pushed it slightly.  Still, no movement.  The prince went on moving and pushing the old snake.  The snake suddenly opened its eyes and looked up.  The frogs jumped away in fear.  The snake said, "Do not be afraid.  I used to love frogs, but now I am cursed by a sage.  I can no longer eat frogs, instead I am doomed to carry them on my back".

Very soon the snake became the royal carrier.  He was tempted to eat up the frogs, but he decided to wait patiently for the perfect opportunity.  He started sliding very slowly.  The king frog asked, "What is wrong with you ?  Can't you move faster ?  The snake replied "O, Frog King, I haven't eaten in days  and I am feeling too weak.  Unless I eat something soon, I will not be able to serve as your royal carrier".

The king frog asked, "What is this ? Why is it that you haven't eaten anything ?"
The snake replied, "I feed only on frogs and all the frogs here are your subjects and I cannot eat them up without your permission".

This made the frog king think.  It was his duty as a king to protect his subjects.  But his vanity would not permit him to give up the royal carraige.  Further, the young frog prince was throwing tantrums, saying "I cannot give up my snake vehicle.  I am having so much fun".

The frog king gave the snake permission to eat up the frogs but wih caution on the numbers.  But, very soon, the snake started gobbling up frog after frog, and became stronger and healthier.  He continued to serve the royal frogs.

But one fine day the snake said, "Well, Your Majesty, I am hungry".  To this the frog king said, "If you are hungry, eat up some frogs".  But the snake had already eaten up all the subjects.  The only frogs left were the royal frogs - the king, queen and the prince.

The snake said, "Thanks for your permission, my King.  I will eat up some frogs, the only ones left in this pond".  So saying, the snake gobbled up the three royal frogs.

"Vanity will lead to downfall"


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