Lakshmi reared two cows Bindu & Sindu. She was very fond of them and she took great care to make them comfortable. Every morning she sent Bindu and Sindu with a cowboy to graze in the grassland nearby. The grassland was adjacent to a forest. Bindu was a little adventurous and she was not happy to be at Lakshmi's cowshed. While grazing one day, Bindu asked Sindu if she would accompany her for a peep into the forest. But Sindu said that it was not proper to do so, as the forest would be scary and Lakshmi will be worried if they did not return on time.
Bindu called Sindu a coward and she went to the forest while the cowboy was sleeping. Bindu loved the dense forest with lots of greens to eat and shade to sleep. As it was the first day, Bindu did not go deep into the forest and soon returned home. She told Sindu about her experience in the forest, the free jolly time she had there. She started making regular trips to the forest & began to hate the small cowshed in which she was living and the disciplined life of the village. All along, Sindu went on warning Bindu about the dangers of the forest. But, Bindu did not listen to them.
One day Bindu decided to stay permanently in the forest and went further deep into the forest. She was enjoying herself, but soon the light started to fade and the forest became dark & gloomy. Wild animals started to come out and Bindu was scared and started to tremble with fear. Bindu realised her mistake, but could not find her way home in the darkness. She hid herself behind a bush. In this uncomfortable position, she thought of her warm, cozy and safe cowshed. In the village, Lakshmi was worried and she sent some men with the cowboy to search for Bindu. Soon, the men found Bindu & brought her back home safely. Lakshmi pacified her and put her in the cowshed. On seeing Sindu, Bindu hung her head in shame. Sindu comforted Bindu. Bindu confessed that she now realised her mistake and would never again attempt a visit to the forest. Bindu began to understand Sindu's point that "East or West, Home is the Best" & that every living being had certain qualities and they must base their life style on it . Additional freedom could be fun at times, but, freedom without discipline could prove dangerous. Bindu & Sindu continued to live with Lakshmi, serving her happily.
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