A whole colony of frogs lived in a well.  Their king Tavalaraja was upset because some of his relatives did not give him the respect that a king deserved.  He planned to teach them a lesson & thus prove his might. 

He kept thinking of ways to take his revenge.  His wife was a wise lady.  She repeatedly told him that such thoughts were not fit for a king.  His first duty was the interests of his subjects.  But Tavalaraja would not listen

He leaped and jumped and got out of the well.  He went around looking for some help.  He saw a snake and was struck with a brilliant idea.
"I'll trick this mean enemy of mine.  I'll offer him those frogs who disrespect me as a meal.  This will teach my subjects a lesson and soon I'll chase this stupid fellow away", he thought.

The snake pretended to make a fuss, but soon grabbed at the opportunity to live a lazy, luxurious life.  He went with Tavalaraja to live in the well.  Tavalaraja cleaned up a hole in the well for the snake to live in.  Tavalaraja would point out his enemies & the snake would gobble them up happily.  This went on a for a few days.  Soon the snake became greedy.  "Why should I eat only his enemies?  I see some plump forgs around.  I would sure love them as an extra treat", he thought.  So when Tavalaraja was not looking, he started eating up Tavalaraja's friends.

"You have gobbled up all my enemies.  Thank you for the help.  You may leave to your old home now", Tavalaraja said to the snake.
"What leave this well & this relaxed life.  No way.  You promised me regular food, so I'll continue to eat".  So, the snake ate up all of Tavalaraja's friends ad relatives.  Having lost all his loved ones and subjects, Tavalaraja had no frog community to rule over now.  The poor frog realised his mistake. "Never trust a sworn enemy", he thought..

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