Once upon a time, a sage lived with his wife on the banks of the river Ganges.  They wanted a child to love and care for.  One day, when the sage was doing tapas, a hawk dropped a tiny mouse, which fell on the sage's lap. He stroked the mouse and using the powers that he had obtained through years of tapas and meditation, he changed a mouse into a beautiful little girl.
The sage and his wife brought up the girl with great care and love.  When the girl grew up into a beautiful maiden, the sage felt it was time to get her married.  He wanted only the best of grooms for his dear daughter.

He thought the Sun God to be the most powerful & hence asked him to marry his daughter.
" I cannot marry him, for he is far too hot and bright" said the girl.

When the sage asked Sun God to name someone better than him, the Sun God said, the clouds which cover and hide my rays could be a good prospect.

When the girl saw the clouds, she said,
" He is far too dull & grey and so I cannot marry him.

The sage now asked the cloud to name someone better than him.  the cloud suggested, Vayu, the Wind God, for he could blow away and disperse him ( the clouds).

When the girl saw Vayu, she said
"This man is forever wandering.  I will find no happiness with him".

On the sage's request, Vayu suggested that the Mountain king who is very strong and stable would be to the girl's liking.

On seeing the Mountain, the girl said,
"Father, this man is hard and huge with a stone heart.  I cannot marry him".

The Mountain God said that the mouse could burrow through him & hence was greater than him.

The sage called for a mouse to come and marry his daughter.  The girl had one look at the mouse and she was delighted.  Happily, she cried out,
"Father, this is the man for me.  I would love to marry him.


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