Once upon a time, a farmer lived happily with his wife and small son in a tiny village.  One day, the farmer caught a tiny mongoose. in the forest.  He wanted to keep the mongoose as a pet for his son..
His wife was not very happy.  She was worried that the animal would harm her child.  However, on her husband's insistence, she looked after the mongoose.  He soon grew big and cute.  He was a faithful animal, a good friend to the baby and the family.

One day, the farmer's wife had to go to the market to buy some vegetables and groceries.  Leaving the farmer to take care of the baby, she left.  "Be careful that the mongoose does not go near the baby", she said.  The farmer assured his wife that the mongoose would never harm the baby.

Soon the farmer went out for a short walk with some of his friends.  The farmer's wife came home carrying a heavy basket full of her shopping.  The mongoose came running out to meet her.  She was shocked to see blood stains on its mouth and legs.  In great anger, she  threw the heavy basket at the mongoose and ran inside to see her son.

She saw him playing happily in the cradle.  She looked round the room and found a dead snake and blood all round.  She realised that the dear mongoose had actually fought bravely with the snake and saved her baby's life.

Feeling very shamed and sorry, she rushed out to thank and apologise to the mongoose.  But, alas, she found that her blow had killed the faithful mongoose.

"Hasty unthinking action in anger, can lead only to destruction"

"Act in Haste, Repent in Leisure"


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